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Program Options

$30 per person

Camp Foster has a variety of program options to create a fun, meaningful, and educational experience for all participants. From ropes to waterfront activities, camp has a program area for everyone. Each program area is specific to price and timeframe; select a few programs best fit for your group and camp will assist in creating a schedule. Programming can take place for day groups as well as overnight groups.


Ropes and Teambuilding

Pirates of the Carabiner: Shaped like a pirate ship in the air, Pirates is a rope course that allows participants to independently move from element to element by a series of commands with the facilitator that are taught during a ground school prior to climbing. Pirates is a great course to assist with communication, self-growth, and trust.

Zip Line: Fly across a ravine on our zip line course!  Participants climb a set of short stairs to a platform and then zip across a ravine.  The fun isn’t over because you do it again to return to your original side on a second slightly longer and faster zip line!

Climbing Tower: Up for a challenge? The climbing tower is a 50 ft tower that has two climbing sides with holds while the third being another element called the Giant’s Ladder. Participants, while on belay, will be able to climb to the top of the tower for one of the best views of the lake on camp. The giant’s ladder is an element that allows two participants to work together to work their way up a “giant ladder” to the top.

Ropes: Our low ropes course consists of elements such as the spider web, all aboard, and A-frames each led by a Camp Foster facilitator. The low ropes course is sure to have your group working together, communicating, and completing one common goal/task.

Teambuilding: Led by a Camp Foster facilitator, groups will partake in teambuilding games that encourage them to communicate, work together, and empathize with others in the group. Teambuilding is a great way to introduce a group to one another or help strengthen an already unified group.

Outdoor Activities

Trail Ride: Go for a ride on one of Camp Foster’s many horses while taking in the scenery of camp. Each horse is trained for trail rides and will provide you with an unforgettable experience. Must be 8 or older to ride.

Pony Ride: Great for the younger ones; pony rides are available to youth under the age of 8. All pony rides are staff led by a lead rope.

Waterfront: Hop into a canoe or kayak and explore East Lake with professional lifeguards on duty. Each canoe can sit three people and kayaks are able to sit one or two people depending on the kayak.

Archery: Our range allows for four archers to shoot at a time using a compound or recurve bow led by a series of commands from a Camp Foster staff member.

Riflery: Enjoy target shooting in a safe and staffed environment led by a series of commands using a .22 caliber rifle.

BB Guns: Taking place at the rifle range, BB guns are better suited for the younger age as they are lighter and easier to maneuver. Still led by a series of commands from a staff member, each participant will have multiple chances to hit their target.

Arts and Crafts: Let your imagination run wild. Camp Foster has a variety of crafts available to your group depending on age and skill level.

Dragon: Test your speed and agility while attempting to complete a series of low to the ground rope obstacles with a few partners. Each participant has two spotters while traversing the course.

Gaga: Enjoy the famous octagon enclosed game and try not to get hit with the ball below the knees.

9 Square: Just like four square, but with nine, and in the air. Enjoy this new favorite game as it will keep you on your toes and moving as people enter and leave the game each set.

Pool: Take a dip in our pool ranging in depths of 3ft to 10ft, staffed by certified lifeguards, and equipped with two slides allowing for a fun experience for all ages.

Hatchet Throwing:  Sink your tomahawk/hatchet into our giant wood cookies at our hatchet throwing range, the “Hawks Nest”.  Led by a series of commands from a Camp Foster staff member.

Atlatls:  An atlatl (aht-LAH-tul) is dart throwing mechanism that uses leverage to achieve greater velocity.  See how far you can get your dart to fly through the air and then work on your accuracy using our targets.


Evening Activities

Evening Campfire: Join us around the campfire as we sing silly songs, wind down for the day, and surround ourselves with good company and nature.

Evening Campfire with S’mores: Enjoy a campfire led by camp staff and stick around for S’mores with everything provided from camp.

Night Hike: Join us on a hike through our wooded area, Sievers, as we tell stories and partake in some cool nighttime activities.