School Groups

Camp Foster’s goal is to help create a day program specialized to each school’s needs and help further develop each participant/student that attends. Camp Foster has a wide variety of programming to assist with teamwork, perseverance, self-growth, and leadership.

• 1-4 hours – $18 ( Includes up to 4 program areas)
• 4+ hours – $20 (includes up to 5+ program areas)
• $2 extra charge per student for ranch

• $7 or $9 depending on meal selection

• Climbing Wall
• Zip Line
• Dragon
• Archery
• Riflery
• Canoes
• BB Guns
• Gaga
• 9-Square
• Climbing Tower
• Arts and Crafts
• Low Ropes
• Teambuilding



“Thank you for your work in making our trip memorable! Our students were so excited to do the activities and the camp atmosphere provided a great basis for teamwork discussions that will continue to happen throughout the school year. Some students did not get to the climbing wall, but they displayed a good attitude and provided us an opportunity to talk about attitude when unexpected things happen. The camp is so well-organized, activities are challenging and push us out of our comfort zone, and the staff is excellent. Thanks for a great day!”


“My students had a really good time at camp. With all of the Covid worries going on, I felt things were handled very well at camp and my kids felt safe. The activities we did were fantastic!”


“This has become an annual event here at GLR, and every year we bring students, all I hear from past participants is, “Can we come too?” It’s become a vital part of our Day of Great Expectations emphasizing perseverance. The staff is so easy to work with, and they connect with the students immediately. The kids push themselves as I’ve never seen before, and it builds relationships between the teaching staff and the new students. I highly recommend Camp Foster for retreats, workshops and family outings! It’s amazing!”